The ULTIMATE guide to Character Rigging

    There are so many tools for character rigging in Adobe After Effects. With so many tools to pick from, we’ll help you know which one is best for you and your situation.

    00:00 – Intro
    00:31 – Is the puppet pin tool worth it?
    1:37 – Duik Bassel Overview
    3:28 – What I like about DUIK
    6:08 – Why DUIK might not be the right choice.
    6:53 – Rubberhose Overview
    10:59 – One of DUIK’s pitfalls that Rubberhose solves
    11:42 – Some of the limitations of Rubberhose
    13:06 – Limber Overview
    16:55 – Some of the Limber’s shortcomings
    19:22 – Character Tool Overview
    20:05 – My biggest gripe with Character tool
    21:17 – Puppet Tool Overview
    22:42 – Puppet tools biggest weakness

    Character animation for Motion graphics is becoming more and more popular. If you’ve ever try to delve into character animation in Adobe After Effects, you’ve probably heard of Duik Bassel. Duik Bassel is the de facto character rigging tool for Adobe After Effects used by people all over the world. But did you know that there is a plethora of different character rigging add-ons available for After Effects? Each tool has it’s own unique approach to character rigging in After Effects.

    Character Tool:
    Puppet Tool:

    My Gear
    Mouse: (best mouse for AE)

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