Top 10 Crazy After Effects Techniques #9 – Dope Creators

    Y’all already know what time it is! We’re back with inspiring motion designers, vfx artists, and more! Today’s episode will feature the top motion designers and inspiring creators using After Effects! Stick around for some clever uses of After Effects and insane techniques ranging from creative VFX breakdowns to motion tracking and UI animation! We’re pulling from the best of the best from all the cool videos you’ve been creating at home, or something you found online and wanted to share with us!

    Today’s episode features character animation, vfx breakdowns, 2d & 3d animation, and motion tracking! There are so many awesome VFX tips and tricks that motion designers and vfx artists have been coming up with. In this video, we’re going to be going over the process and techniques some of the best After Effect users are experimenting with and hopefully you’ll leave inspired with some ideas of your own.

    Featured Artists:

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