Turn Photos into Real 3D


    VoluMax 3D photos for After Effects: https://bit.ly/3cWLrYq Nobody likes boring 2D photos, even if they have a scale animation to them. So in this After Effects tutorial, learn how to easily take normal photos and turn them into 3D photos! We’ll show how to create depth maps using shapes to make any photo 3D. So now, you have the opportunity to make all photos awesome and no longer boring!

    ► Take a look at VoluMax and make your photos 3D within minutes!:
    ► Watch our quick video review of VoluMax:

    ► Download This Tutorial Project file here, for free: https://www.sonduckfilm.com/tutorials/turn-photos-into-real-3d-in-after-effects/

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    0:00 Intro
    0:43 Volumax 3D Photos – Link in Description
    0:59 Download This Tutorial Project Free
    1:11 3D Photo Setup using Mattes
    3:10 Mixing our Map
    3:23 Make your photo 3D with Displacement Map
    4:49 Kens Burn Effect
    5:17 Optics Compensation
    5:50 Make your Photos like Video
    6:22 Creative Mattes
    7:16 Save time with Volumax – Link in Description
    7:55 Outro

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