Tutorial 127: Tank-Style Wireframes


    How to make a 3D wireframe look inside of AE with C4D models
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    This might be our longest tutorial ever. It was a difficult edit because I swapped some things around for some clarity, but it’s a complicated tutorial involving using some sliders in ways they were never intended. So hopefully it’s clear.

    Anyway, this week we’re taking a look at making a variant of the effect that Stu Maschwitz used on his short film Tank (https://youtu.be/YEdQ3mwyrQ4). Make sure to watch that and the BTS (https://youtu.be/WRkYP7wnD40). This is not a copy. His work was far more intensive, and far more custom. This is a cheap imitation compared to Tank. That said, you can take this technique further and get nearer the beautiful subtle glitches and things that are present in Tank, but it will take you some time. If you use the Saber (https://www.videocopilot.net/blog/2016/03/new-plug-in-saber-now-available-100-free/) version we show, you can change Saber’s flicker settings to get an approximation at least.

    Expressions and more information, as well as the project file, are at the project file link above. We also used Cyclops (https://www.kyle-martinez.com/cyclops-2/) by Kyle Martinez to show how the nulls work with the models.


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