Tutorial 129: 8-bit Glitches


    How to build an 8-bit look, a visualizer setup, and glitchy mattes/transitions
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    This started out with working on some visualizer techniques, and ended up being 8-bit glitches. Which you would know if you watched my live stream. And I know you didn’t. Don’t lie to me!

    In this After Effects tutorial, we build an 8-bit look and we show a technique for making glitchy mattes that can be used for all sorts of useful things. I’ve used similar mattes for displacement, and techy animations, but here we put them into our 8-bit look to make a sort of generative art that can be used for backgrounds, textures, mattes, etc.

    For information on how to make the Digital Grain check out Tutorial 120: One Comp to Rule Them All (https://youtu.be/c6qU_z4LVfs). And be sure to go check out JSplacement (https://windmillart.net/?p=jsplacement )! And for more info on Text Generator, check out Tutorial 37: Glitch Text 02 (https://youtu.be/e8N1eVn2BDI).


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