Unconventional Bouncing Boxes


    How to use strokes to make a bouncing box animation and more
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    This week, we’re looking an an interesting interaction between offset paths and open path shapes. It allows us to make simple strokes into stroked shapes. It can definitely be taken further than this and I encourage you to do so. For example if you want to have a bunch of offset lines that won’t work with a repeater (like complex curves or lines that change angles) you can use multiple offsets to make additional strokes spaced perfectly apart that can be trimmed. And if you link the paths in each one together, you can edit it all with one path.

    You’ll just have to modify your trims so that they go out from the center—begin with start and end set to 50% and then end with start set to 0% and end set to 100%. Then adjust your offset to compensate. If you don’t want the ends closing, you can trim them or mask them separately.

    Experiment. Good things happen.

    Also, we’ve released StackIt (http://workbench.tv/products/scripts/stackit/) so check that out! Neckless won a free copy by spotting my hidden youtube joke! I think I’ll do more of these fun giveaways in the future. So stay sharp!


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