Waving Flag Animation

    Hi there! Sorry for being silent for quite a while. Some long projects have been sticked to me recently and I couldn’t find time for a new tutorial. This time I wanted to make some simple animation of waving flag but using just shapes. The result actually exceeded my expectations. Easy to create, easy to control. Hope you will like it.
    After Effects Template: http://easyaftereffects.net/waving-flag-after-effects-tutorial

    Website: http://easyaftereffects.net
    Instagram: @ilya.dynkin
    Gmail: ilyag937@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/easyaftereffects/

    0:00 – Preview
    0:06 – Create a Flag Stick
    1:16 – Create first side of flag using shapes
    4:03 – Make a mask for flag
    4:55 – Add Wave Warp effect
    6:03 – Duplicate “Flag” and “Mask” layers to make second side of flag
    8:02 – Create a base for flag stick
    9:23 – Add background and more copies of flag composition
    11:35 – You can easily add some details to your flag if you want
    12:55 – Result

    Alone – Emmit Fenn
    Russian River – Dan Henig
    Empire Seasons – Dan Henig
    Four More Weeks – Vans in Japan
    Kurt – Cheel


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