Dojo Toolkit V1.0 Script Demo (Free Script)

    More Info + Download Link:

    In this quick demo, I’ll show you some of the features of my latest free After Effects script: Dojo Toolkit.

    – Easily add proportional letterboxing that auto-resizes to fit comp size
    – New camera rig for easy control over each axis & HPB.
    – Quickly add expressions to properties such as Bounce, Autofade, and Wiggle
    – Snappy screenshot tool for your compositions
    – Set up folder structures with a click of a button (with VideoHive template as well)
    – Clean up unused files within project
    – Works with AE CS3+

    Note: This is V1.0, there will be more features added in later updates. If you experience any bugs or want to request features, let me know in the comments below! Currently, the UI is a bit funky in AE CC because Adobe hasn’t released the ScriptUI changes they made yet. This bug is known and will be fixed as soon as Adobe releases the updates.

    Hope you enjoy the script! The Dojo Toolkit is a small little project I worked on to suit my own workflow needs, hopefully it’ll help you as well.

    Special thanks to our friendly sponsors from Squarespace. For a free trial and an exclusive 20% off for this month of September, visit and use the promo code: dojo9


    If you have any questions or feedback, leave them down below in the comments!


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