Glitchier Glitch Text

    How to make glitchy text inside of After Effects


    This week, we add another glitch text tutorial. The big takeaway here is to use CC Image Wipe along with a good matte to overlay middle grey on top of another matte to make a displacement map. Since middle grey means there will be no displacement, everything that was displaced by brighter and darker values in the original matte will begin to return to their original positions as the grey overlay animates in. We also use compositing masks to mask other displacement.

    Our mattes come from JSplacement ( which you need to grab if you haven’t already and, if you can, send Grigori a tip because it’s awesome! We also use a matte we made in Tutorial 93: Slit-Scan Displacement ( And you can spice it up with a little bit of Tutorial 75: Breakout (

    Also, we’re almost to 100 tutorials and 10K subs! Thank you to all of our supporters! We’ve had a great ride so far, and we’re hoping to build on that further in 2018. Most of all, we’re grateful that you guys watch, keep up with us, and share our tutorials. It’s amazing! We’re going to think of some sort of giveaway or something to celebrate. That’ll be a separate video in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

    See you all next week!


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