Learn to Better use Camera’s


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    The camera layer is a wily one. But you can tame it with a little planning and a null object. Pretty soon you’ll be whizzing around like Harry Potter at a quidich match. Or whatever that game is called. It’s not like I have a griffindor tattoo on my butt or anything.

    Anyway, there’s no project file for this on since we’re not really making a “project” per se. But if you want some cool stuff check out EvanAbrams.com. It’s rad. Also you’re rad for watching, so thanks.

    If you want to suggest a tutorial topic please do so here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13A2eHcNQADsjyPWrrlbFTeOMqPAbqAxq07p7Alroh_w/viewform

    If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.




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