Make easy bar graphs

    How to use text layers to build graphs easily in After Effects
    Project File:


    In this week’s After Effects tutorial, we’re making bar graphs. This time, we’re going to use text animators to make them, which means we have access to text animators, so instead of being limited by shape layers, we have full access to animate each element with ranges. See Kyle Hamrick’s #textperiments ( if you’re unsure of how limitless text animators are.

    This can be taken a lot further. You could even tie it to CSV data if you want to. But even as-is, this is a way to get accurate graphs using real data if you so choose. And to add a new data point, all you need to do is add a new number to the layer’s name—which is pretty sweet.

    I also forgot to mention one of the coolest aspects of this. It all lives on one layer so you can make it a preset! And don’t forget to check out info on the spread operator ( from JS Tips. That totally beats what I was going to do—sorting a copy of the array and checking the first element.

    For the full expressions and a little more explanation, click the project link above.


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