Radial Delay

    How to delay layers based on their distance to the center of a comp.
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    In this After Effects tutorial, we use a layer’s position to delay its animation based on its distance to the center of the composition. This allows us to use simple animation to make a much larger and more complex effect. To set up the grid of elements, you can position them manually, but I recommend checking out our script, StackIt (http://workbench.tv/products/scripts/stackit/).

    //Apply to Time Remap
    pos = transform.position;
    delay = -1; //in seconds
    x = Math.pow(pos[0]-960,2);
    y = Math.pow(pos[1]-540,2);
    d = Math.sqrt(x+y);
    value + linear(d,0,1102,0,delay);

    To change the delay to frames instead of seconds use this:
    delay = -10*thisComp.frameDuration;

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