Retiming Animations for Templates

    How to retime animations for Motion Graphics Templates in After Effects
    Project File:


    This week we take a look at how to retime animations for Mograph Templates. This expression will allow you to retime your animations while preserving the timing of the intro and outro animations—only the hold point is flexible. This way, you can have Motion Graphics Templates that can be retimed without time remapping in your main comp—which can have odd effects with animated Master Properties.

    This expression can be applied to nearly every property since it ends with valueAtTime(). I’ve set this up by making a layer called controller, which is where the markers go. To split markers, option/alt+click on them and drag. Make a marker that covers your intro animation and one that covers the outro animation.

    See our website for the relevant code since YouTube can’t be bothered to use the one function in their code it would take to clear code for display.

    And that’s all you need to retime your animations for templates. As for the rest of the template setup, that’s for another tutorial. But if you’d like to see how this one is built, the project file below includes the setup.

    Also, make sure to check out Evan Abram’s tutorial, Controlling Time in Templates ( on the subject for another approach.


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